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Prof Amanda Howe (UK)

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Amanda Howe took office as WONCA president in Rio, in November 2016.

Amanda has been deeply involved with WONCA since 2000, when she facilitated a workshop for their Working Party on Women and Family Medicine. She is on their Executive, chaired the group from 2007-2009, and hosted an international meeting at the University of East Anglia, in 2009. Professor Amanda Howe was elected the Royal College of GPs' Honorary Secretary in 2009. She practises at the Bowthorpe Medical Centre in Norwich, England and has been Professor of Primary Care at the University of East Anglia since 2001. “I wanted to be a GP when I was a medical student, despite influences from tutors to do otherwise”, says Professor Howe. “I’m fascinated by the role that the GP consultation can play in helping patients make sense of their lives, and overcome physical and mental adversity.”

She remains “in awe” of how resilient patients can be. “It’s a privilege to work with people faced by adversity and illness. People are often very courageous and extremely strong, they really do inspire me, that’s why general practice is such a great place to learn”

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From the President: Behind the scenes Life as the new President has been quiet geographically but busy online. There is an odd tension between leadership and service, where the responsibility to ‘keep moving and improving’ is set against the ordinary repetitions of daily life. In fact, as family doctors our most important work is that which we do again and again, in our consulting rooms and clinics, with patients and colleagues - January 28, 2017 Du Président: En coulisse Ma vie de nouvelle présidente a été calme géographiquement mais mouvementée en ligne. Il y a une tension étrange entre leadership et service avec la responsabilité de faire avancer les choses et de les améliorer sur la toile de fond des routines ordinaires de la vie quotidienne. En fait, en tant que médecins de famille, notre travail le plus important est ce que nous faisons continuellement, dans nos salles de consultation et nos cliniques, avec patients et collègues - January 26, 2017 De La Presidenta: Entre bastidores La vida como nueva Presidenta de WONCA ha sido, de momento, bastante tranquila desde un punto de vista geográfico, pero bastante ajetreada en la red. Existe una extraña tensión entre liderazgo y servicio, mediante la cual la responsabilidad de “seguir moviéndose y seguir mejorando” es lo que está establecido para luchar contra las repeticiones de la rutina diaria. En realidad, como médicos y médicas de familia, nuestro trabajo más importante es el que hacemos una y otra vez, en nuestras consultas y clínicas, con nuestros pacientes y colegas. - January 26, 2017
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